Saint Joseph University - Laboratory for Seed Germination and Conservation

Saint Joseph University (USJ) is one of oldest universities in Lebanon. It was founded in 1875 by Jesuits to become the first Francophone University in the Middle Eastern region. The Faculty of Sciences (FS) of USJ, founded in 1997, aims to provide a solid education in fundamental sciences and develop research activities in diverse fundamental and applied fields in collaboration with national and international academic, research and industrial institutions. The Department of Life and Earth Sciences is the largest department in the FS and accommodates 236 students, and 56 full-time and part-time professors.
The Laboratory for Seed Germination and Conservation (LSGC) was established from the partnership between Jouzour Loubnan , a local NGO dedicated to forestation, and the Faculty of Science - Saint-Joseph University. The LSCG is headed by Dr. Magda Bou Dagher Kharrat and carries both fundamental and applied research activities in many fields.


  • Seed conservation and germination of native plant species in order to support the regeneration and management of woodlands in the Lebanese mountains
  • Ecosystem restoration through the creation of micro-reserves in threatened areas that are particularly rich in biodiversity as well as reforestation in arid areas in order to combat the expansion of desertification especially in the north-eastern parts of Lebanon
  • Development of the Lebanon e-flora database (, which aims at providing easy access to Lebanese plant species, sharing data and research findings as well as serving as a discussion platform between plant experts